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We run free battery checks and testing on any vehicle.

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Often the first time you know if you have a problem with your car battery is when the dashboard charge indicator light comes on, if this happens you should have your car checked as soon as possible. The light is a warning that the battery charge is low on power. If you leave it this will deplete all power from the battery and the car won’t start.

The charge level in your car needs to be adequate, not to under charge or over charge the car’s battery or cause other issues such as to blow fuses.

The cause of a flat or dead battery may be the battery itself or any of the components of the charging system for example the belts, the alternator, the wiring, terminals and connections or the voltage regulator. There may also be a power leak or short in the system.

At Di Sipio Auto we can run a free diagnostic check on your battery to find out exactly what the problem is, then if required we can either fit a new battery or find out the cause of the low or high output and fix the issue for you.

Should your car’s charging system not be operating properly, such as if the car’s battery is going flat or your headlights grow dim, call us on 3353 6510