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Today’s motor vehicles have complex systems that ensure
your car or commercial vehicle performs at it optimum level

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Broadly speaking there are two areas that can fail or require servicing:

Engine Management Systems

The Engine Management System’s function is to ensure the engine develops the power demanded by the driver, while at the same time keeping fuel consumption down. These systems include:

  • The electronic throttle control adjusts the correct air quantity for this engine torque.
  • The fuel injection subsystem injects the right amount of fuel.
  • The ignition subsystem provides the necessary spark at precisely the right moment in time.
  • Various names may apply for example ECM Engine Control Module, PCM Powertrain Control Module and the ECU Engine Control Unit.

The Engine Management System also includes safety and handling systems. These include:
Electronic stability program (ESP, SMC, PSM) or Anti-Lock Braking system ABS

Di Sipio Electricians perform work on cars requiring repairs to electronic management systems and other computer systems. We can check, repair or service your car’s engine management system, oxygen sensors, air flow meter, fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel injectors, fuel tank, and other system components onsite.

Give us a call and we would be happy to service and repair your Engine Computer Systems. Call 3353 6510.